HP Backup Tapes - HP LTO Tape - HP RDX 

Choose HP supplies, or USA Imaging Supplies tapes where available, and ensure top quality output and superior reliability, as well as complete compatibility with HP devices. All supplies listed here are guaranteed to work perfectly and deliver outstanding results.

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    HP Disc Cdr-80 700Mb 10038 52X LightscribeHP External Disk Backup System B7B66B 7A Rdx500HP External Disk Backup System B7B69B 7A Rdx+ 1Tb




    HP External Disk Backup System E7X53B 7A Rdx+ 2TbHP External Disk Backup System P9L72A 7A Rdx+ 3TbHP External Docking Station C8S07B 7A Rdx+




    HP Internal Disk Backup System E7X52A 7A Rdx Usb3.0 2TbHP Internal Disk Backup System P9L71A 7A Rdx Usb3.0 3TbHP Rdx 2Tb Cartridge Q2046A 7A 2Tb/4Tb




    HP Rdx 3Tb Cartridge Q2047A 7A 3Tb/6TbHP Tape Ait-1 Q1997A 35Gb/91Gb 230MHP Tape Ait-2 Q1998A 50Gb/130Gb 230M




    HP 92279F HP 92280F
    HP Tape Ait-3 Q1999A 100/260Gb 230MHP Disc R/W Magneto Optical 5.25 In.HP Magneto Optical Disk 92280F 2.6Gb 5.25In 4X




    HP 88147J HP 88146J HP C7983A
    HP 5.25 Mo 5.2Gb 8X RwHP 5.25 Mo 5.2Gb WormHP 5.25 Mo 9.1Gb Rw







    HP C7984A HP C5142A HP C5141F
    HP Magneto Optical Disk C7984A 7A Worm TaaHP Cleaning Cartridge Dlt C5142A 7AHP Data Cartridge Dlt Iv C5141F Tk88 40/70/80Gb




    HP C7971A HP C7972A HP C7973W
    HP LTO Ultrium-1 C7971A 7A 100Gb/200GbHP LTO Ultrium-2 C7972A 7A 200Gb/400Gb TaaHP LTO Ultrium-3 C7973W 7A 400Gb/800Gb Worm




    HP C7973A HP C7974W HP C7974A
    HP LTO Ultrium-3 C7973A 7A 400Gb/800Gb TaaHP LTO Ultrium-4 C7974W 7A 800Gb/1600Gb WormHP LTO Ultrium-4 C7974A 7A 800Gb/1600Gb Taa




    HP C7975A HP C7975W HP C7976B
    HP LTO Ultrium-5 C7975A 7A 1.5Tb/3Tb TaaHP LTO Ultrium-5 C7975W 7A 1.5Tb/3Tb Worm TaaHP LTO Ultrium-6 C7976B 7A (Bafe) 2.5Tb/6.25Tb




    HP C7976BW HP C7976W HP C7976A
    HP LTO Ultrium-6 C7976Bw 7A (Bafe) 2.5Tb/6.25TbHP LTO Ultrium-6 C7976W 7A 2.5Tb/6.25Tb Worm TaaHP LTO Ultrium-6 C7976A 7A 2.5Tb/6.25Tb




    HP C7978A HP Q2009A HP Q2044A
    HP LTO Ultrium C7978A 7A Universal Cleaning Cartridge TaaHP LTO4 Label 100/Pk Cln 10/PkHP Rdx 1Tb Cartridge Q2044A 7A 1Tb/2Tb




    HP B7B68A HP B7B69A HP B7B70A
    HP Disk Library Server Backup Module B7B68A 7AHP External Disk Backup System B7B69A 7A Rdx1000HP Rdx 1Tb Usb3.0 Gen8 Dl Srv





    HP B7B67A HP B7B62A HP Q2041A
    HP Internal Disk Backup System B7B67A 7A Rdx1000HP Internal Disk Backup System B7B62A 7A Rdx320HP Rdx 320Gb Removable Disk





    HP B7B65A HP B7B66A HP B7B63A
    HP Disk Library Server Backup Module B7B65AHP External Disk Backup System B7B66A 7A Rdx500HP Rdx 500 Usb3.0 Int Dsk Bkup





    HP B7B64A HP Q2042A HP C8S07A
    HP Internal Disk Backup System B7B64A 7A Rdx500HP Rdx 500Gb Cartridge Q2042A 7A 500Gb/1TbHP Rdx Usb 3.0 Extrnl Dckng




    HP C8S08A HP C8S06A HP C7980A
    HP Rdx Usb 3.0 Gen8 Dl ServHP Internal Docking Station C8S06A 7A Rdx Usb3.0HP Sdlt 110/220Gb Data Ctdg







    HP C7982A
    HP Super Dlt Cleaning Cartridge C7982A 7AHP Tape Super Dlt Ii Q2020A 7A 300Gb/600Gb



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