Compatible Tally Mt660 690 Extra Life Printer Ribbon

Order High Performance TallyGenicom 080296 Extra Life Compatible Ribbon Cartridge for TallyGenicom T6050, T6065, T6100 Printers and keep your printer working Perfectly. In stock, 100% guaranteed, Fast Free Shipping 
  • TallyGenicom MT-600, MT-645, MT-660, MT-661
  • TallyGenicom MT-691, MT-695
  • TallyGenicom MT-6045, T6065, T6082, T6090, T6091, T6092
  • TallyGenicom MT-T6100, T6101, T6140, T6141 
  • Black Standard Yield Printer Ribbon
  • Must Purchase 6 Ribbons
  • Easy To Install
Tally Mt660 690 Extra Life Printer Ribbon
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  • Manufacturer: USA BRAND
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 080296
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