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Since the early days of computing, data tapes have been the preferred data storage medium because of its durability, relative affordability and stability over the long haul. While early units only held a few megabytes of information, modern systems can write up to 10 terabytes on a single cartridge. With so much concentrated storage power, what used to take up an entire room can now fit on a single bookshelf. 

If you’re a tape system owner, you likely know all of these advantages, but you still need to make sure you have a ready supply of tape cartridges to ensure an uninterrupted stream of data archival. No matter which brand you use, USA Imaging Supplies is a wholesale distributor of data tapes, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible price.

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    USA Imaging Supplies is a leading wholesale distributor of  backup Tapes and Data Tape such as AIT, LTO Tape, DLT Tape, Optical Discs, CD's and DVD's. We carry brands such as Exabyte, Fuji, IBM, Imation, Hewlett Packard, Maxell Quantum, Sony.

    We carry bulk and recertified data tapes as well. Call for price and availability.   

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